A Good Transport Plan for Bristol

“A Good Transport Plan For Bristol” is a publication produced by Sustrans with and on behalf of Bristol Green Capital.
The publication is meant to be the Bible of the Bristol Green Capital project, explaining the objectives to reach, the vision, and all the related activities organised in the city. The projects offers solutions and ideas to make Bristol a more sustainable and liveable city. We pointed out 9 objectives and illustrated them using a different colour palette for each illustration. We also created several characters of all ages, in order to make each illustration just like a walk through the real Bristol.


ART DIRECTION – GRAPHIC DESIGN: Adam Wilkinson / Matt D Woodman

PRODUCTION /DISTRIBUTION: Sustrans Uk – City of Bristol

Founded in 2007, Bristol Green Capital Partnership is a unique partnership of over 800 member organisations who have committed to working towards Bristol becoming a sustainable city with a high-quality of life for all.
Sustrans is a UK sustainable transport charity. Its flagship project is the National Cycle Network, which has created over 14,000 milesof signed cycle routes throughout the UK.